"A Better Solution for Medical Billing"

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the RedZone engagement model work?

RedZone works as an independent contractor, saving you the time and expense associated with managing employees. That being said, we become a "virtual employee" in the eyes of your patients and business associates. For example, if a patient has a billing question, they will call a dedicated billing inquiry phone number, and the call will be answered as if it were your office. This maintains a seamless customer service experience. We work out of our facilities saving you office space and overhead expense, but by using secure Internet technology, billing information is only a few keystrokes away.

What is RedZone's Professional Services Fee Structure?

Our professional services fee structure varies based on five factors:

  • The Type of Service(s) Provided
  • The Duration of the Project(s)
  • The Scale of the Project(s)
  • The Location of the Project(s)
  • The Scope of the Project(s)

Generally, we structure our Medical Billing projects on a fixed percentage of payments received for claims processed and filed by RedZone. This fully aligns our business interests with those of your practice because we don't get paid unless you do. It also provides you with a predictable, fixed percentage cost so you can manage your profit margins more effectively.

In contrast, on credentialing and other ancillary projects, we typically enter into a flat fee arrangement so your costs are known at the onset of the project. Various factors can effect the final pricing structure, but we are happy to discuss our processes with you and provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation quote for our services.

How does RedZone track claims from filing to through final disposition?

RedZone assigns dedicated account resources for payor management and maintains aggressive denials management follow-up processes. Every medical claim is filed in a timely fashion after being reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Each outstanding medical claim (of a designated age) will be researched for timely payment; up to and including the filing of appeals and/or referral for collection. Changes in payor or provider enrollment requirements are addressed by our account management team and driven to resolution. RedZone assigns dedicated resources for processing statements, patient inquiries, balance recovery, referral to collections, and coding or hardship reviews.

What is RedZone's Service Area?

Though we are based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, we provide professional billing services to clients across the country.

Why should I outsource medical billing services for my practice to RedZone?

Outsourcing allows your staff to focus its time and energy on patient care rather than paperwork. It also provides a profitable and predictable cost structure. Our state-of-the-art web-based software allows you to manage your practice remotely by providing real-time access to information from any Internet ready computer. The bottom-line is that RedZone can turn medical billing into a profit center for your practice by reducing costs, eliminating errors, improving collections, and enhancing patient satisfaction.